Never a Dull Moment in Knesset

Published: April 29th 2010
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MK Ahmad Tibi
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Not a dull moment in the Israeli parliament (Knesset). The hero of the most recent episode is MK Ahmad Tibi, from the Arab party Raam Taal. Tibi delivered a speech in the Knesset referring to his recently visit to Libya with other Arab MKs, which raised harsh criticism against the group for siding with a state enemy of Israel. He kept on speaking after his time was over and refused to leave the rostrum even when the chairman told him to do so in compliance with the House’s regulations. With no other choice the chairman instructed the Knesset’s guards to remove MK Tibi by force who resisted holding the podium with his hands.




MK Tibi, who serves also as a deputy of the Knesset’s speaker, traded harsh words with the chairman before being forced to step down. “Why a hypocritical approach is taken against us?... Someone wants to let us being suffocated in the narrow space of the Israeli racism and we don’t want that. We want to break open to the wide space of the Arab world. This is our natural arena, this is the natural arena of the [Arab] students, researchers, human beings, families, artists and sportspersons. What is more natural than that culturally and nationally?... Do you really think that my role is to bring closer an occupation state to an Arab country?... The image of the State of Israel globally is as a leprous country and that (is) because of the occupation”.




MK Karmel Shama explained that he been obliged by his duties as a chairman of the Knesset’s plenary session to retain order and to take care of any attempt to create anarchism by appropriate means with sensitivity and determination. “Unfortunately,” he added, “the utmost sensitivity demonstrated regarding the provocation of MK Ahmad Tibi did not help and I had to act in an utmost determination and to remove him from the podium.”




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