Holyland Affair Suspect Linked to 18 Cases

Meir Rabin�s remand hearing results in six-day extension of custody.

Published: April 28th 2010
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Holyland project

Meir Rabin, currently in police custody for suspected involvement in 18 corruption cases relating to the Holyland corruption scandal attended a remand hearing at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate Court on Wednesday. The hearing concluded with Judge Avraham Haiman giving Rabin his fourth remand extending his custody an extra six days totaling his custody now to 30 days.


“I don’t think [the alleged transfers] related to Holyland, but that’s all the detail I have,” Rabin’s lawyer, Giora Zilberstein reportedly said following the remand hearing.


A police officer who attended the hearing stated that only four or five of the affairs are related to real estate projects and the remaining 13 are suspected to be unrelated. The remaining 13 offenses have been linked to alleged money transfers to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, former Minister of Tourism Ruhama Avraham Balila, Minister of Health and former Minister of the Likud party, Dan Naveh. Both Balila and the spokesman for Lieberman have denied the allegations branding them “false and libelous” and “nonsensical and unworthy of consideration.” Naveh as well has been reported by Haaretzsaying “It is regrettable that names such as mine are being thrown about. Only the wildest imagination could mention them in relation to this affair."


These names however were not mentioned in the remand hearing or in the police statement according to a police spokesman. He further noted that “The decision by Rabin's attorney to mention those names is his sole responsibility.”


Rabin, according to an official in the investigation team, “has yet to give a full account of all suspicions being leveled against him.” For this reason police officers attempted to convince Rabin to be a state witness during the hearing. Rabin’s wife has reported saying that the police have been tracking and restricting her movements to further push Rabin into turning state’s witness, the Jerusalem Post reports Wednesday. Police however refused to confirm reports that a National Fraud Unit investigator had been assigned as such, though police representative to court, Assaf Valpish, said Rabin was asked “to tell the truth” during questioning, theJerusalem Post isreporting.


Rabin’s fourth remand was decided upon in order for investigative proceedings not to be disrupted upon his release along with the additional suspects connected with the corruption offenses who have yet to be investigated.

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