Netanyahu to Likud: "We are in Favour of Peace"

Published: April 27th 2010
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of Likud in Tel Aviv on Tuesday that “We are in favour of peace. We want a real peace where our interests are represented" and intends to discuss the restarting of peace talks as soon as the coming week. This was a response to him allegedly hearing about Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s intentions on resuming peace negotiations. Netanyahu also mentioned in the meeting that he will be visiting Egypt on Monday to meet with President Hosni Mubarak, long-time Middle East mediator.  


The statement concerning the resumption of peace negotiations, which Netanyahu believes he heard, came from Nabil Abu-Rdainah, a senior aide to Abbas, who told Reuters that Abbas had asked an Arab League panel "to agree upon a final answer" to US Middle East envoy George Mitchell's proposals for “proximity” talks mediated by Washington.


According to Reuters, Mitchell visited Israel and the West Bank last week with hopes of resuming peace negotiations amongst both sides. Talks have been at a standstill since the three-week Gaza war that began in Dec 2008. Mitchell is said to be returning to Israel in the coming days.


However, the delay of peace negotiations has been attributed to the construction in East Jerusalem which Abbas has long insisted be halted as a precondition to the resumption of peace negotiations. This has caused a rift in US-Israel relations and according to the Associated Press, Israel has allegedly halted construction in East Jerusalem, municipal officials said Monday.  Contrary reports have been made despite this, including lawmaker Danny Danon, who attended Netanyahu’s meet with the Likud party and told Associated Press, “If we see there is a freeze, we will not sit quietly and the prime minister knows that.”


The resume of peace talks between Netanyahu and Abbas is yet to be determined; though all sides have expressed their commitment to break the deadlock and start talking.

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