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Published: April 25th 2010
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Igal Hecht
Pic: Igal Hecht
Igal Hecht with cameraman Lior Cohen
Pic: Igal Hecht
The Story of Furious Pete official poster
Pic: G.I. Productions


Just like in My Flag, Hecht plans to be in front of the camera for The Hilltops. “In the film I ask people the questions everybody wants to ask them: ‘Why are you here? How do you justify it? What does it mean that God is your real estate agent?’ I’m not there to tell them that they’re right or wrong. I let them express their opinions and if I think they’re wrong I’ll argue with them.”


The Hilltops is only one of many projects Hecht wants to accomplish. “I used to say that by the time I’m 30 I want to have made 30 films, and I’ve already passed that. This year I will have made my 43rd film, so let’s see what happens from here on in,” he said. “My new goal is to reach 50 films by the time I’m 35.”


When Hecht sits down to watch films that are not his own, he’ll watch any genre, except for horror films which he dislikes. He’s also willing to make a movie of any genre if he has the budget. “I’ll only not do a film if I don’t agree with the subject, but if there’s a budget, I’m willing do to anything,” he emphasizes.


He’s still got many ideas in his head, so there is no doubt he will reach his 50 movie goal and even pass it.


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The trailer for The Story of Furious Pete:


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