Malcolm McLaren's Rocking Funeral

Published: April 23rd 2010
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Malcolm McLaren
Pic: Humanade

On Thursday, hundreds gathered at Malcolm McLaren’s funeral procession in north London’s Camden Town. Despite the sad undertones of the day’s events, mourners also celebrated the punk pioneer’s life.


A horse-drawn carriage pulled McLaren’s coffin, which was inscribed with the words, “Too fast to live, too young to die.” A double-decker bus followed, blasting punk music such as Sid Vicious’ version of “My Way” and McLaren’s own “You Need Hands.” The side of the bus was also painted with McLaren’s famous slogan, “Cash for Chaos.” Among the attendees were ex-wife Vivienne Westwood and musician Bob Geldof.


McLaren’s relatives also encouraged mourners to observe “a minute of mayhem” on Thursday. His son Joseph Corré wrote, “In celebration of Malcolm’s life we are asking people to observe a MINUTE OF MAYHEM at midday on 22nd April. Put on your favorite records and let it RIP!”


The former Sex Pistols manager died of cancer on April 8. A private ceremony for his burial took place after the funeral procession at the Highgate Cemetery.


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