B'Tselem Information Director Resigns

Published: April 22nd 2010
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In the wake of criticism she received following extreme statements made on her blog, B’Tselem’s Information Director Lizi Sagie announced on Thursday her resignation from the organization.


Israel’s News1 website reported on Sagie’s resignation and quoted a letter which she wrote to her colleagues at B’Tselem: “In light of the attempt to censure and harm the work of B'Tselem by publishing content that was posted to my personal blog, I have decided to leave my job. Most of the things presented under my name were taken out of context and were joined together to create an unfortunate provocation, on such a sensitive day in Israeli society such as Yom Hazikaron. Credibility and excellent workmanship are the main assets of B'Tselem, and are essential to its work. I hope that attention will now return to what is really important: the struggle for safeguarding human rights in the Occupied Territories.”


Sagie came under fire after she posted in her blog on Israel’s Café TheMarker website that Yom Hazikaron is a “pornographic circus” aimed at shutting mouths, and that she does not stand during the siren. She also said that torches should not be lit on Yom Ha’atzmaut since the Jewish state has stolen properties, murdered, and starved (among others), all in the name of Judaism.


She also accused Israel in her blog of adhering to Nazi values through “racial superiority, nationalism, linking a man with his country with as an existential necessity, the separation policy, the connection between loyalty and citizenship, demonizing the ‘other’ that ‘threatens’ survival and more”. She further accused Israel of setting up ghettos in Palestinian territories and of slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza.


Furthermore, News1 reported in an article published Thursday that Sagie has expressed support of Anat Kam, who has been accused of stealing over 2,000 top secret documents and leaking them to Haaretz newspaper. During a protest by extreme leftist groups which took place on April 7 in front of the Defense Minister’s Tel Aviv office, Sagie said the following in an interview to Ynet:


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