Israel Considers US Position on Iran Strike

Published: April 21st 2010
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Iran nuclear facility

Israel appears divided on how crucial it would be to have the U.S. behind them on a potential unilateral military strike on Iran. 


Israel has made it clear that it will not tolerate nuclear proliferation on the part of Iran. Israel, together with the U.S. and several European countries, suspects Iran of developing its nuclear program with the intent to produce weaponry, however Tehran has denied such claims, insisting instead that its nuclear program is not military in nature.


According to Israeli officials, Iran may be capable within the year of producing weapons that could potentially target Israel. Some members of Israel’s government, however, feel that the country’s interest would be further damaged due to a potential rift between Israel and the U.S. on the issue of a unilateral strike against Iran.


The Obama administration has discouraged unilateral military action on Israel’s part.


According to defence analysts, the targeting of Iranian missiles is fairly unreliable. Iran, however, could further damage Israel’s relationship with the U.S. by amassing support from other militant groups in the region, as well as discontinuing shipments from the Persian Gulf.


Retired Brig. Gen. Shlomo Brom, former strategic planning chief for the Israeli military, has doubts about an attack without U.S. support: “What will Americans say if Israel drags the U.S. into a war it didn't want, or when they are suddenly paying $10 a gallon for gasoline and Israel is the reason for it?”


Many remain confident, however, that Israel would not risk its connection with the U.S. by striking Iran without a nod from Washington.


The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Iranian officials have been resisting a U.S.-led move to implement a fourth round of Security Council sanctions against Tehran. Moreover, Iran's supreme religious leader criticized the updated U.S. nuclear weapons policy that does not rule out nuclear strikes on non-nuclear weapon states that are outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or in noncompliance with the pact, according to Reuters.


Said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, "The international community should not let Obama get away with nuclear threats."


Iran plans to begin three days of military drills on Thursday, Reuters reported.

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