JLTV Launches Reality Show

Published: April 20th 2010
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The Jewish Life Television Network announced it will be adding a reality series into its rotation. InOverOurHeads follows several young Jewish parents from the small town of Sharon, Massachusetts. Sharon is a suburb located near Boston with a bustling Jewish community. The neighbourhood has seven synagogues, three of which are Orthodox.


Allan Kass, JLTV senior vice president, told The Open Press, “We are all excited about bringing InOverOurHeads to JLTV. We think it is great stuff.”


Each episode will follow the characters as they cope with parenthood and community issues. JLTV revealed that the series will touch on different aspects of Jewish life. One episode will show the importance of the mikveh ritual bath, while another one titled “She Loves to Dance” is about Orthodox Jewish mothers “gone wild.”


“We wanted to be completely honest about our lives,” said cast member Valerie Frank to The Open Press. “People want to pretend that suburban parenting is perfect, the American dream. But it’s hard, and sometimes it isn’t perfect.”


InOverOurHeads premiers on May 4, 8 p.m. ET/PT. JLTV is available through DirectTV. For more information, visit www.inoverourheads.com.


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