Lisa Wexler Can't Wait to Reveal her Secrets

Published: April 18th 2010
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Lisa Wexler (left), Jill Zarin (right) and Gloria Kamen (centre)
Pic: Secrets of a Jewish Mother
Jill Zarin and Lisa Wexler
Pic: Secrets of a Jewish Mother
Book Cover
Pic: Secrets of a Jewish Mother

They’re smart, they’re family-oriented and above all, they can make a mean matzo ball soup. What’s their secret? Award-winning radio host Lisa Wexler reveals that in her new book Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love.


Wexler co-penned Secrets with her mother and sister. And when your sister is Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin, you can expect the book to feature plenty of interesting advice accompanied by equally engaging stories.


“You can really hear the voice of my mother, my sister and me,” said Wexler. Their mother, Gloria Kamen, writes an advice column on Bravo TV’s website. It spawned from her appearance on her daughter’s reality TV show. But way before that, Kamen was – and still is – a role model for Wexler and Zarin on how to be a good Jewish mother.


While Wexler doesn’t know if certain characteristics are common only to Jewish families, she says there are definitely certain traits that are shared by members of the tribe.


“We can’t breathe without each other!” admits Wexler. “I personally was raised to value family and friends as more important than anything.”


According to the book, the best qualities of a Jewish mother are assertiveness and honesty. “We consider our children our children until the day we die,” shared Wexler. 


She says you don’t have to be a Jewish mother to relate to the book. In fact, you don’t even have to be a parent. Aside from advice on raising kids and stories from Kamen and her daughters, Secrets of a Jewish Mother deals with marriage, friendship, dating, money, and more, and includes practical quizzes and self- assessment action steps.  


Writing a book was always a dream Wexler never knew she had. After penning her book, she came to the realization that “the only people who have immortality are authors.”


This is the second dream Wexler has fulfilled in the last couple of years. In 2006, she received a certificate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and proceeded to create The Lisa Wexler Show. Her self-titled syndicated radio show features interviews with entertainers like Jewel and Joy Behar, as well as politicians.


On top of her weekly radio program, Wexler also practices law in Westport, Connecticut. She never rules out the possibility of collaborating with her mother and her sister on upcoming projects, but for now, this Jewish mother is busy enough as it is.




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