Between the Rye: A Conversation with David Sax

Published: April 17th 2010
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Author David Sax
Pic: McClelland & Stewart
Book cover Save the Deli
Pic: McClelland & Stewart

My friends in Toronto actually had a betting pool on how much extra weight I’d come back with after two months. Estimates ranged from five to twenty pounds. Turns out I lost a pound. I think part of it was the discipline of the lifestyle and the road. I bought running shoes in Chicago and tried to jog a few times a week. Once I got home, sat my butt down, and started writing for a year, then the belly appeared. But without that belly, what authority do I have?




What’s your favorite deli?


I get asked this more than any other question, and I’ll never answer it. Partly because I don’t want to show favouritism, but mostly because I don’t have one single answer. Every good deli does one thing better than anyone else. It may be a knish, or a pastrami sandwich, a particular type of cabbage roll, or some variation on chopped liver that no one else has. When you read the book, you’ll see that the great places really stand out.




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