Israel Not Prepared to Sign NPT

Published: April 16th 2010
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Nuclear weapons
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Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak stated on Wednesday that Israel does not intend to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) any time soon, according to Reuters.


At a speech in Jerusalem, Barak stated that "Israel has never threatened to destroy other countries or nations, whereas Iran today, and in the past also Syria, Libya and Iraq that have signed the treaty, have broken it systematically with explicit threats on Israel's existence."


Earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama held a nuclear summit in Washington, where he called for universal membership in the treaty. This is not a new policy for the Obama administration.


According to a nonproliferation analyst, however, all successors of U.S. President Lyndon Johnson have supported Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, outside the nuclear treaty.


Shlomo Aronson, a politics professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reportedly added to this, affirming that any stored atomic capability on the part of Israel would predate the treaty, altogether.


Nonetheless, the U.S. would still like to see Israel sign the treaty, which currently acknowledges five nuclear powers: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Pakistan and India have also developed nuclear weapons outside the treaty.


It is estimated that Israel’s arsenal consists of anywhere between 100 and 300 weapons.

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