Amanda Belzowski Helps Kick Off National Volunteer Week

Published: April 16th 2010
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Amanda Belzowski and Family
Pic: Helen Hatzis
Amanda and Mike Tierney
Pic: Helen Hatzis
Group photo at the Power of the Hour Challenge event
Pic: Helen Hatzis

Donald Trump, Michael “Pinball” Clemons and David Copperfield are just some of Amanda Belwzowski’s biggest fans. The 12-year-old from Toronto is best known for her annual Amanda’s Lemonade Stand, a fundraiser that supports the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.


But in preparation for the city’s National Volunteer Week, Amanda has offered her time to another cause. As if the adolescent wunderkind does not have enough on her plate, Amanda attended the Power of the Hour Challenge event downtown on Friday to raise awareness about the impact of volunteering.


“I feel great being a part of this event,” Amanda said. “It’s very important that we do this.”


The Power of the Hour Challenge is an initiative that reaches to schools, business, community groups and individuals to track down their volunteer hours and involvement in the community. Of course, Amanda is the ambassador for the Power of the Hour Challenge. Who can better represent the scope of volunteering more than a child who has been doing it for 12 years?


Amanda’s Lemonade Stand launched 12 years ago, when Amanda was only one years old. The Belzowski family had a long history of heart problems and the lemonade stand was Amanda’s contribution to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. With the help of her parents and volunteers, Amanda organizes a one-day event every year.


Last year, Pinball Clemons showed up to support the event, which involved an autograph signing by the Toronto Argonauts legend. Clemons told The Toronto Star, “She is this great little business engine with a heart. I had the chance to learn a bit about her and how committed she is to this cause and her desire to change people.”


The 2009 Amanda’s Lemonade Stand also held an auction for Trump’s book and tickets to Copperfield’s show in Las Vegas. It marked the first year that Amanda collaborated with her younger brother Joshua, who launched Joshua’s Cookie Stand.


So far Amanda’s Lemonade Stand has raised over $135,000. Aside from Trump and Copperfield, Amanda’s efforts also gained recognition from other influential people such as Larry King, the Mirvish family and Alexandre Trudeau.


For her 12th annual event, she hopes to raise $200,000. Amanda, who is also involved in Spread the Net for Malaria, told Shalom Life, “I just try to get involved whenever an opportunity comes up to try to help out.” And at 12 years old, she has done more than what others have taken a lifetime to achieve.


This year's event will take place on May 16 at 33 Post Road, Toronto, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


For more information on the National Volunteer Week, visit and for more information on Amanda’s Lemonade Stand, visit

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