New Facebook Group Calling for Anat Kam's Death

Published: April 14th 2010
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Anat Kam
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Anat Kam, 23, from Israel, who became a journalist after her national service, is accused of providing classified information to a reporter.


Facebook and additional social networks are rapidly becoming the centre stage for arguing between Anat Kam's supporters and those who oppose her actions. A new Facebook hatred group has crossed the line as they called for the murder of Anat Kam. The group is getting new members by the dozen, most of them joining in order to have their say and call the group founder to stop the incitement. The group is drawing more and more attention and by the looks of it, it is only getting worse and nothing short of a three ring circus.


It seems that Anat Kam is not only at the centre of the news but she has become the talk of the day over the web as well. Since the "gag" was exposed, many users stormed the social networks: tweeting and creating statuses, groups and polls in favour of or against Anat Kam. Some voices called for her conviction while others called for Kam's acquittal. Due to the web's freedom of speech, the details of the affair spread around prior to its publication and now that virtual, digital freedom is being used once again for incitement.


Unlike other groups, this new Facebook group has gone over the edge: "We don't need her here, let's get rid of her", "Send her on a rocket to Iran- where she will feel at home", "Hang the spy in the city's center", "She is innocent, all you guys are idiots" are just some of the thorny remarks that this group is drawing. Both the ones in favor of Kam and the ones against just won't stop arguing. But arguing is not all they do: they keep using foul language, cursing and swearing and basically just trading blows at each other and acting disgracefully.


The founder of the dubious Facebook group is an Israeli, and according to him Kam's espionage act and treachery justify her death. Apart from some members, many of the "fans" (there is a need to register for the group page in order to make comments inside) who joined the group wrote to the group founders, claiming they went over the line with their statements as well broken the law.


So, are hatred groups such as this one a basic right or are they a menace?


Facebook is a social network with millions of registered users and countless groups of interest, protest and more. Facebook's members believe (rightfully so) that the web's freedom of speech in general and the site's in particular, is one of its biggest advantages. Being such a vast "open stage" made Facebook a shelter for organized and improvised hate groups and even for just ordinary people, who decided that a public figure doesn't cut it or that a certain someone has annoyed them just enough.


The problem is when these groups go too far, either by becoming too provocative or by deliberately calling to hurt the object of hatred. Therefore, users who come across comments, groups, photos or videos that they consider offensive or abusive in Facebook and elsewhere (most popular sites) can report this to the site's management. Concerned users usually report on offensive content such as child pornography, racist groups and more. It is important to point out that a large amount of profiles, pics and groups are deleted from the site on a daily basis, but the responsibility to report lays on the users and not the site.

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