Israeli Bookstore Chain Pulls Controversial Book

Published: April 14th 2010
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Israeli bookstore chain Tzomet Hasfarim, or Books Junction, has pulled a controversial book from their shelves after receiving complaints from customers.


The book, self-published by its authors Shmuel Hasfari and Eldad Yaniv, paints Jewish settlers as "hypnotized zombies" who are plagued by "messianic madness.” It also criticizes the Israeli right for its strong ties to West Bank Jewish settlers. 


The chain decided to pull the book after receiving complaints from its customers, who felt that the way they packaged the book with an Israeli flag magnet meant that the stores supported its anti-settler message. However, this decision has set off a new wave of criticism from academics and public figures, who are accusing the store of caving in to political pressure and calling for a boycott. Their petition says the chain’s decision "constitutes a critical blow to freedom of expression."


Yaniv told Haaretz that he will publish more copies of his book and distribute them for free on university campuses.

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