Israelis Told to Leave Sinai Immediately

Published: April 13th 2010
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Moon Island beach resort in 2004

Due to what Israeli authorities are calling a concrete kidnap threat, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned all Israelis currently in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to leave immediately.


According to the Bureau, terrorists were planning to kidnap Israeli nationals, Ha’aretz reported.


The Counter-Terrorism Bureau had issued a similar travel advisory to the region just before the Passover holiday, though it did not refer to specific threats. Despite this warning, Israel's Airports Authority reported a 36% increase in the volume of Israelis travelling to Sinai this Passover, compared to last.


According to Egyptian security officials, close to 20,000 Israelis have crossed the Egyptian border this past holiday, with 35,000 residing there, currently. Sinai was just one of several destinations tagged with a travel advisory before Passover.


The Israeli Prime Minister’s anti-terror office ominously requested this time around that the families of Israelis visiting Sinai maintain contact with them, and inform them about the warnings.


In the unusually strong statement, Israel’s terror authorities called on “all Israelis residing in Sinai to leave immediately and return home. Families of Israelis residing in Sinai are asked to contact them and update them on the travel warning."


In 2004, just across the Israeli border, Egypt's Taba Hilton Hotel was attacked by suicide bombers. Dozens were killed in the blasts, and hundreds were wounded.


The Sinai was under Israeli control from the war in 1967 until 1982, when it was returned to Egypt as part of a peace treaty.

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