Syria Ships Scud Missiles to Hezbollah

Published: April 13th 2010
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A scud launcher in Scotland

According to Kuwait-based newspaper Al-Rai Al-Aam, Syria has been shipping ballistic missiles to Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon, which has been a source of tension between Syria, Lebanon, and Israel.


The United States administration has thus postponed “until further notice” the selection of a new ambassador to Syria’s capital, Damascus. There has not been a U.S. ambassador appointed to Syria since 2005.


The Kuwaiti newspaper further reported that the decision to postpone the posting of a U.S. ambassador to Damascus comes following multiple shipments of scud missiles from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon, which had been fully sanctioned by the Syrian government.


The same report added that Syria had trained Hezbollah fighters in the use of Scud missiles on its own soil last summer, though the exact type of scud missile was not specified.


The report also stated that Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, had asked for an explanation about the relationship between Hezbollah and Syria, when he visited Damascus earlier this month, and voiced doubts regarding Syria’s support for the Shi’ite organization.


Tension between Syria, Lebanon and Israel peaked in January when Israeli and American officials expressed concerns about Syria and Iran aiding in Hezbollah’s re-arming. During these tensions, the Israeli Defense Force held a prescheduled military drill, though Israel clarified it had no intension of attacking Syria. Tensions seemed to settle in the following months.


A major issue, however, still remains, in that Hezbollah still plans to avenge the 2008 killing of its senior operative,  Imad Mughniyeh, for which it blames Israel.


Moreover, Hezbollah has also been enriching its weapons arsenal, for which Israel has expressed concern. The organization’s armoury is estimated to contain tens of thousands of rockets, capable of hitting nearly any target in Israel.


Netanyahu’s government continues to closely follow the weapon smuggling; however, they will find it difficult to justify any military action to the international community.

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