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Published: April 12th 2010
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Barbara and Harry
Pic: The OGs
Barbara and Harry, wedding day
Pic: The OGs
Barbara and Harry now
Pic: The OGs

Harry: Considerably. Over where the railroad station was on Alameda Street, they had the old railroad station and it was a big thing over there. That was downtown Los Angeles. I lived around near Robertson and that was an entirely different set up.


Barbara: There were Jewish people in that neighborhood [West LA], but not pronounced Jewish. The younger generation took over, the more Americanized children. The children whose parents were more affected by the depression than these children were. They were already in high school and trying to better their lives. Always reaching for a better education was a primary thing.  The Yiddish was almost obsolete and the Jewish children were ethnically more geared towards the forthcoming generation, although a lot of old-fashioned family ties were quite strong. Los Angeles now is a nice bustling community, we think.


Harry: It is cosmopolitan, a mixture. It doesn't seem like there is a race barrier. In the olden days it was more pronounced, Jews and the Russians and the Spanish people.


Of course, Holocaust Remembrance is this week. What are some of your most poignant memories from that time period?


Barbara: In my memory is how close we kept tabs of everything that was going on a daily basis, on the news. How close the commentators would bring all the current events, and of course we would sit there and bemoan the fact of what was going on. I had family living in Europe and of course you worried about the Nazi situation.


Aside from your blog, you also have a Twitter account. How have you guys kept up to date with technology?


Barbara: Television. Not well, but thanks to our grandchildren, we are as current as we can be.


What role do your grandchildren play in keeping you feeling young?


Barbara: Appreciating them. Appreciating their points of view and accepting their viewpoints. Now we are delighted that they are very attentive and we look forward to every spare moment that they have to spend with us, without infringing on their time.


The blog has been so successful. How does it feel that a lot of people look forward to hearing and reading about your life?


Barbara: I'm shocked. We want to share the fact that we are happy and we would be happy to share that nobody needs a better life than ours and nobody should live a worse life than ours. We are content, like cows.


How do you feel about young people who look to your wisdom?


Barbara: Flattered, thank you. It's kind of nice to be appreciated.


Lastly, what's next for The OGs? Any brewing plans in the near future?


Barbara: You can't say it's very stimulating to be where we are at our stage in life. It's probably our fault we haven't got the natural curiosity that we used to have.


Harry: I'm looking forward to being more active in the summertime, just being outdoors on a nice beautiful day, eating up the sunshine and the warmth, going along the beach and laying down in the sand.



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