Canada Denounces Ramallah Terrorist Dedication

Published: April 9th 2010
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Terrorist Yehiyeh Ayash

A street in Ramallah has been named after Yehiyeh Ayash, a terrorist responsible for several suicide bombings in Israel throughout the 1990’s.


According to Channel 10 in Israel, a sign put up on the street reads, “ Yehiyeh Ayash, 1966-1996, born in Nablus, studied electrical engineering in Bir Zeit University. Was a member of the Iz-ad Din al-Qassam brigades, and was linked by Israel to a number of bombings. Was assassinated by Israel in his Beit Lahia home in 5.1.1996.”


Ayash was killed in 1996 when an explosive was placed in his cell phone.


A statement from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office called the naming “an outrageous glorification of terrorism by the Palestinian Authority.” The Palestinian Government Media Centre has since decried the Prime Minister’s critique of the naming, adding that “the decisions to name streets are made independently by local authorities and municipalities like any other democratic and open society.”


Lawrence Cannon, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement expressing Canada’s concerns with the dedication of the street in Ramallah to an infamous terrorist: “The government of Canada stands firmly opposed to terrorism and strongly denounces any effort to glorify terrorists and their deplorable actions. The dedication of a Ramallah street after notorious Hamas terrorist Yehiyeh Ayash, the architect of numerous terrorist attacks, is deeply troubling.”


The street naming comes a month after a Ramallah public square was named after Dalal Mugrabi, a female Palestinian terrorist, responsible for 38 Israeli deaths during the Coastal Road Massacre in 1978.

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