Malcolm McLaren Dies at 64

Published: April 8th 2010
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Malcolm McLaren
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Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren died today in a Swiss hospital. McLaren, who was 64 years old at the time of his death, was being treated for mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer.


The punk rock icon was born into a Jewish-Scottish family in London’s Sephardic community in Stoke Newington. He studied art and graphics design before managing successful acts such as the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls. Though he was best known for his contributions in music, McLaren also dabbled in fashion. He opened a clothing store called Let It Rock with then-girlfriend Vivienne Westwood and also provided garments for the movie That’ll Be the Day.


Several celebrities have paid tributes and offered their condolences to the late music legend. P. Diddy said “music lost an icon today,” after hearing the news. Boy George wrote, “Punk will never die! Malcolm was a rogue, we had our dramas but he was a huge part of my life!”


It has been reported that his body will be flown from Switzerland to London and buried in Highgate cemetery.




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