Canadian Celebrities Play Scrabble for a Cause

Published: April 8th 2010
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Jeanne Beker and Barry Flatman, co-hosts of Scrabble with the Stars
Pic: courtesy of DW Communications

ASaltzman: I play Scrabble maybe once a month at home. I love word games. I think I’m pretty good – all depends on the letters that come out of the bag!


VM: Every day online and once weekly face-to-face with other tournament level players when I can get to our Toronto Scrabble Club, which is the oldest in North America – plus friendly games at home when my daughters or Scrabble Club friends come by.


5) What’s your go-to Scrabble word?


JB: I remember the first official Scrabble game I played with this event I got the word ‘sex’ down. That was pretty good. I think the ‘x’ is worth about 10 points or something! That was a good short word that had a lot of bang for the buck [laughs].


MB: I like using science fiction words like “sex” and “retail.”


VM: SHEQELS, an Israeli currency term that helps me get rid of a hard-to-play letter Q when I don't have a “u” AND gains me an extra 50 points for playing a bingo (all seven letters on my rack). I once played this word at the Dead Sea tournament in Israel.


Scrabble with the Stars takes place Mon. Apr. 12 at 6:30 p.m., at The Suites at 1 King West. For more information visit

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