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Published: April 8th 2010
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Darryl Wein filmimg Breaking Upwards
Pic: BreakingUpwards.com
Zoe Lister Jones and Daryl Wein
Pic: BreakingUpwards.com
Daryl Wein and Andrea Martin
Pic: BreakingUpwards.com

Daryl Wein is a graduate of the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts, whose films have premiered at festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the London Film Festival.


But more impressive than all of this is the fact that his latest feature film – one that he directed, produced, edited and co-starred in – was made on a $15,000 budget. 


Breaking Upwards tells the story of a real-life couple through a fictional narrative. Set in New York, the film explores a year in their lives as they strategize their own breakup. The movie co-stars Wein and Zoe Lister Jones, who co-wrote the script.


Unlike most romantic comedies, Breaking Upwards starts with a couple who’ve reached the end of their relationship. Wein’s idea was to shed a new light on 20-somethings and the way they’re portrayed on screen. With a shoestring budget, he relied mostly on friends to appear in the movie. Luckily, he knows many talented actors. The film features Olivia Therlby (Juno, New York, I Love You), Julie White (Transformers), Andrea Martin (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Peter Freidman (The Messenger, Law and Order), among other actors.


Shalom Life interviewed Wein about Breaking Upwards and his experience shooting the movie.  




When did you decide to become a filmmaker?


I started making movies with my friends in high school. We would mess around with an old Hi8 camera and iMovie. That was the beginning. Then, when I graduated NYU drama school in 2006, I decided to continue pursuing it professionally. 




How would you describe Breaking Upwards in one or two sentences?


A young, real-life New York couple decide to intricately strategize their own breakup. 




Your film is already being compared to Annie Hall and other Woody Allen films. Are you a fan of his movies?


Yes, I love him. He is definitely an inspiration. Good writing and great performances that you can relate to on a basic human level. 




What was it like like working with a talented cast including Zoe Lister-Jones, Julie White, Andrea Martin and Olivia Thirlby?


I love them all, they are great actors. I just want to keep working with actors as good as them. We had so much fun on set. It was really relaxed and playful. 




Being an independent film, was it difficult to get the movie up and running?


We only made it for $15,000, so for that, it wasn't like we had to worry about fundraising for a year and the money falling through. We just started planning right away. Producing was the annoying part, because it was just Zoe and I from the beginning as producers assembling an entire feature with a large cast. There were many difficulties in juggling schedules and logistics. 




You and your character share the same name. How similar is the Breaking Upwards Daryl to you?


I acted like myself but I'm not really a journalist. I think I'm also more exuberant in real life.




The movie recently screened at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. How was it received?


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