Off Centre Music Salon Presents "Klezmer�on the Roof!"

Published: April 7th 2010
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Off Centre Music Salon

How’s this for a concert? On April 11, Off Centre Music Salon will be comparing and contrasting the Jewish music of non-Jewish composers and the non-Jewish music of Jewish composers, all to explore the question, “what is Jewish music?”


As well, La Scala star mezzo Annamaria Popescu, soprano Joni Henson, accordionist Joseph Macerollo, and the David Buchbinder Ensemble will add their own klezmer twist to the show.


Off Centre is currently celebrating their 15th anniversary season, and this is their final concert of the season. The “Klezmer…on the Roof” concert takes place Sun. Apr. 11 at 2 p.m., at the Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Building, 250 Front Street West. For more information, visit



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