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Published: April 6th 2010
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Internet search giant Google has made another big acquisition and this time it is in the video arena. Episodic, a start up web video company based in San Francisco, will become a part of Google. Thus, Episodic surpassed its key competitor Brightcove, which is also an American company that offers services for adding video to your website. The deal was announced last Friday, April 2 on the Episodic blog. Although the financial terms are undisclosed and haven’t been revealed yet, both companies are said to be very pleased and satisfied with the results.


Episodic offers a platform for live and on demand web videos. Content sites, advertisers and practically any enterprise can use the platform in order to broadcast streaming video, analyze it and offer video content to their audience via different platforms: computers, laptops as well as mobile phones and IPTV gadgets (televisions that are connected to the Internet). Basically, the platforms allow every type of enterprise to deliver innovative technology and also to make money from it through advertising and online sales. Many experts claim that Episodic resembles YouTube and since Episodic's technology and team are being folded into YouTube, it's possible that we could see new ways for video creators to profit from their YouTube videos. This looks like good news for mid-level YouTube dwellers who did not have the leverage to work out money-making on their own.


Episodic also provides a content management system and offers an advertisement server, which allows clients to place ads in the videos and pay for it with a credit card. Currently, Episodic supports Apple's IPhone, Google's Android and Blackberry and intends to support Symbian devices as well in the future. On their blog, Episodic explained how they and Google also share the same ideas and goals for the future: “Episodic and Google share a common vision for video on the Web. Online video will be ubiquitous, engaging, entertaining, informative and effective. Both teams place value on creating a great experience for viewers and on delivering a powerful and flexible platform for publishers, marketers and advertisers of all kinds.”


Google's shopping spree, or blitzkrieg if you wish, comes as no surprise. Last year Google completed purchasing the online advertising company AdMob for $750 million in shares and Teracent for targeted display ad technology. This year, Google already bought On2 for $106.5 million and many other companies, amongst them you can find: Docverse (a file sharing site), Appjet (a collaborative real time editor), Aardvak (social search), Picnic (photo editing). Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt claimed in September 2009 that Google plans to return to making purchases, after a minor pause, or setback if you wish, due to the global financial crisis. At the time, he also said that Google wishes to “buy a company a month” (on average). It seems that Google is definitely keen on fulfilling its chairman’s announcement.

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