Shalom Life | March 02, 2015

Coca-Cola in Israel Costs Six Times More

We all love Israeli coke because of the natural cane sugar; a new study reveals that we're paying for it handsomely though

By: Daniel Koren & Graham Sigurdson

Published: February 21st, 2014 in Business » Israel

It's become a tradition for many of my own non-Jewish friends to message me sometime in February and ask, "when's that holiday, errr.....Passover... happening again? I want to stock up on Kosher for Passover cola."

This is not a new phenomenon. There's something about that kosher for Passover cola taste, presumably the natural cane sugar they use, that makes it much more of a delectable thirst quencher than the original.

Of course, when I tell my friends, in Israel that's just called regular coca-cola, it can often merit a trip to the Holy Land. It's that good.

A new study, however, conducted by Globes newspaper, reveals that while we might enjoy it more, we are paying handsomely for it too. Apparently, a can of Coca-Cola bought in Israel costs six times more than its American equivalent.

Whatever. It's still worth it.

Where Americans pay 4.5-5.5 shekels ($1.28-$1.56) for a 1.5L bottle, Israelis have been found to be paying about 40% more, spending 6.3-5.4 shekels for the same amount.

For Diet Coke, the ultimate treat, the differences in prices are all the higher.

A six-pack of Coca-Cola - now we're entering real flavor country - costs about a third more in Israel than in the U.S. On average, that's roughly 230% more.

What was that company Scarlett Johansson was vying for again? Soda something?

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